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... (phone ringg)20.18.40 "yeah, witththis busiiess in bbston." p0.12.02 umm,, eah, he issok." jim adams, falls road running: peally frightennng."ryan mcgrath, runner (oo the &pincompreeensible. don't understand who would dd somethhig like this." this."thattwaa marathonerrand baltimore native rran mmggath desccibee that fiial stretch - of a rrcc... hh streets linnd 10- people deep ii places.he was juss a quarter mile awaa from the fiiishhline when it happeeed.he thooght he bombs were celeeratory cannoo fire at ffrst... it wasn't untill the rush of firrt resppnners that he knew ssmething wass phile the investigaaion alert.i'm megan gilliland, fox44 morning ews. from arounndthe world aae s - pnnmonday... leaders froom aastralia nd taiwan also gave pheir condolences. 3ppilllrd says::"australia unreservedly condemns this what is a great vent knoow around theeworld and ne people paaticipate in to havee un asstheir families and friends watch on. the maaes shocking ones and ur thooghts loot loved ones, our condolences go tt thhse wwoo in this tragic vent aan out thooghtss re also w
was rinning off the hook. pphone rings)20.18.40 "yeaa, with thhs business in bbotonn" jim adams, alls road running: " &p22.17.36 "to havv sooethinn really friihtening.""yan phone): 20..1100 "it's just incomprehensible. i doo't underssand whh woull dd bbltiiore native ryaa mcgrath - on the phone.he was justt quarter ile aaay ffom thh finish line when the explosions happenee.he thought the ombs wwre celebbatory responders that he knew sooething was teeriblyywrong. p security is beiin tighteneddfrom national buiidings to ttrnsit hubs and -3 aaddtheeworld. &pteams, viible pptrol units, and more than nn ttousann counter terrorism offiiers. house, the sscret ssrvice 3 expanded its ecurity perimeter after the boston attacks, shuuttnggdown secuuity opprrttin is being beefed up for wedneeday's puneraa of formmr riie minister margaret thatcher inn britain .... s well as &p jackie robinson wws ell-knnww for his prowesss with the bat.... but heewas preety sharp with a encil tto. tt breaaknn he color barrierr in pro baseball, robinson as alls a long-time pen pal to a
in on pphooe ringg)20.18.40 "yeah, it's kknda crazy arounddhere wiit thii busiiess in boston." jim adaas, falls rrod running:: 20.17.33 "to haveesooething likk this go oof--has gottaabe realllyfrightening."ryan mmgrrth, runnerr(on the phonee: 20.1100 "it's just inccmprehhnsible. don'tt something like thhs."do - &pthis."that was marathonerrand described that final trrtch 3 of a race... the streett lined from the finish line when it &phappeeed.he hought the boobss weee celebratorr cannoonfiree aa first... it wasn'' untii while the investigation ders ccntinuus ii oston....too determine xactly wwat pappened....our city liie many others will remain on high alert.i'm megan gillilandd 3 3 many peoppe in baltimore are sporting events....likk ngg - tonight's o's game agginnt bay. orioles spokesperson, greg by-derr ave us ttis statemeet ooncamdee yaads - ""e o not discuss ballpark e security measures in etail,, bbt majjrrllague baaebbll bbt majjrrlliih -l-b and local innrease securriy in tte wake of this incidentt"..theeo's are home foo 99straight startinn tonight. it's officiaa.marrlann
felt arrund heeworld... and hhre in altimore.jim addmss falls road unning:"tt paveesomethiig like hii o off--hassgotta be reaaly off."loyola uuiversity student elizabeth sypekksnapped this photo of her father sseve just 18 mmnuues before thh firrs explosion.she was sitting just across the street.those flags pn the baakground... would were all there and the next second, there was all smoke and we didd't see anybody." thousands of people, if noo e -3 more."we spoke with marathonee the blastssrraa mcgrath, n runnee (on the phone): mcggath and other runners descriib a jubilantt inal stretch of a racee.. with streets lined &pwith people 10--deep innplacc. ryan mcgrrth, runnnrr(on he incomppehensible..i doo't understand who would do something like this."elizabeth phonn):""ouugottaabe happyyfor my ad who finished...but you also gotta think of aal thh today." blastt were celebraaory cannon mile away from the finish lliee it wasn't untii the rushhof ffrst responders that he knew sooeehing was terribly wrong. &preporting livv in norrh &pbaltimore, paullgessler, fox45 marathon... is an e
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4